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“Familiarity breeds contempt - and children.” - Mark Twain


My Public Database

I have used a Mac since 2007, so my choice of genealogy software in Reunion by Leister Pro.  This determines the style of the data base you can link into from this page.  In this public access database you get all the family and individual information and have the ability to look at pedigree charts from any point.  You cannot download a GEDCOM.  Profile photographs only are available.  Source citations are provided.  Links to Find a Grave memorials are available where known.

Because I have been doing research since 1977, there are still sources i have not complied to the citation format.  In those cases, look in the notes and you will see notations of the format: S1234, which was my very old source filing system.  You can ask me about that source notation and I can supply the detail.   As time permits, I will convert as I see fit.

Also note, that I have many files and documents not yet integrated or noted in the database.  Hopefully I live long enough to make significant progress in the scanning of those documents and cataloging them here.

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