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“We all die.  The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will” - Grace, a character in “Diary”, a novel by Chuck Palahniuk


This is a place to put items of interest of my ancestors and other relatives of my past that does not fit neatly elsewhere.  This is where the treasures found in old basements can be viewed.  It will be tagged against individuals where it is possible.

P0231 - Roy E Piper - WWI

Roy Eugene Piper

A diary Roy kept with him in World War I (66.6MB)

1918 passes for Roy in England & France in WWI (406KB)

Roy’s pamphlet of Christmas carols from Dec 1918 in France (1.8MB)

Roy’s 8 Mar 1919 telegram to Ethel Watrous that he was arriving home at the Presidio from the war (406KB)

P0264 - from B0005 - Alice Watrous - head crop

Alice Maria Watrous

Alice’s 1906  diary of her and Fred Borden’s experiences in the Yukon & Alaska  (34MB)



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